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It has been our goal for many years to make you feel special in the Smile Gallery. Our Dental Clinic in Cracow is a place founded on a constant pursuit of perfection. It’s also the passion of creation – creation of new places where the term dentist in Cracow means the highest quality of dental services.

We have always dreamt of founding a clinic where a qualified dentist, modern equipment, technologies and specialist knowledge are a base on which trust, sense of security and comfort of our patients is built.

How? Comfortably, securely and with ease. Cosmetic dentistry, implants, prosthodontics, oral surgery and paediatric dentistry are our most important passions, which we have been developing for many years. A solid foundation, on which we built trust, the sense of security and unique wellbeing of each of our patients. Our orthodontist will help you straighten every tooth, while our cosmetic treatments include veneers, all-ceramic crowns and individual Digital Smile Design.

We do not only cure, but most of all: listen closely and speak with ease. We know, how important knowing the whole treatment process is for you. That’s why, in order to appreciate your trust in Smile Gallery in Cracow, we highly respect your right to participate in the treatment process by creating a friendly and casual atmosphere.

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Implants are a great solution for people who would like to bring back the old comfort and confidence after losing natural teeth. Implants we use, are made from titanium, which is inserted in the maxillary bone. Titanium is a biocompatible material, which makes the implant completely integrate with the maxillary bone. The external part of the implant is a porcelain crown, shape and colour of which are matched with the natural dentition. Dental implants treatments require appropriate preparation, faultless execution and complex after-treatment care. All of these, you will find in the Smile Gallery. We only use tried materials of the highest quality which assure as of your safety.

Teeth whitening

Drinking tea, coffee and red wine every day, as well as eating food which causes discoloration of teeth or smoking, results in slow and escalating darkening of teeth. Regular hygiene removes only some of the stains. Unfortunately, those that have penetrated deep into the structure of the tooth are very difficult to remove using traditional measures. In order to reinstate the whiteness of your teeth, our Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry offers tried and effective teeth whitening solutions. Our teeth whitening methods are completely painless. Beyond Technology is 100 per cent safe for your enamel, crowns and bridges. The treatment is performed by covering the surface of teeth with a whitening gel and activating it using a whitening lamp – a so called accelerator. The result of Beyond technology whitening performed at our clinic is an improvement by 5 to 14 shades according to VITA 16 shade guide. The result of the whitening process is long-lasting, however it depends on the lifestyle and the intensity of smoking or drinking coffee afterwards.

Cosmetic dentistry, veneers

Veneers look like thin, porcelain caps which are glued to the front surface of teeth. They allow for elimination of all aesthetic imperfections of teeth in regard to colour, shape or placement of the tooth in the arch. A veneer successfully covers all discolorations and stains and even allows changing the shade to a whiter one. Our clinic provides a wide selection of dental services dedicated to the most demanding patients. Beautiful and strong teeth contribute to a higher self-esteem and give us confidence in human relations. Cosmetic corrections, we perform can even have rejuvenating effects on the whole face. That’s one of the reasons why celebrities often start their metamorphoses from their teeth. In Smile Gallery dental clinic, we know how amazing the effects of even the smallest changes can be. Hundreds of patients tried it and left satisfied.



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Root canal therapy

Painlessness of the treatment, precision, safety and durability – that’s how the endodontic treatment at Smile Gallery looks like. Thanks to endodontic treatment, we can extend the life of the tooth and guarantee  the possibility to regenerate it in the future.

Oral surgery

Our clinic specialise in oral and maxillary surgery. These specialisation includes a selection of supportive treatments for other fields of dentistry such as root canal therapy, periodontology – the periodontium surgery, prosthodontics and implantology.

Digital Smile Design

The DSD method is based on taking several pictures and recording films of the face and teeth. The doctor analyses the relations between the teeth, smile and facial expression and the patient’s expectations. Then a digital treatment plan is made along with the visuals.


Implants are a great solution for people who would like to bring back the old comfort and confidence after losing natural teeth. Implants require specialist knowledge, skills and experience. Our specialists have it all.

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Cosmetic dentistry

We offer a selection of dental services dedicated to the most demanding patients. Beautiful and healthy teeth contribute to higher self-esteem and confidence in human relations.


Even and white teeth make our faces look more attractive and our wellbeing better. Orthodontic therapy does not only aim to improve the aesthetics of teeth, since a malocclusion may prevent the patient from properly brushing their teeth which may in turn cause ailments.

Paediatric dentistry

Smile Gallery is a “Children-friendly Centre”. Teeth of our little patients are cured in the “Disneyland” surgery. The waiting room for children comes with lots of toys and a TV with cartoons on.

Teeth hygiene and whitening

Regular hygiene removes only some of the stains. More persistent ones can be successfully removed at our centre in order to restore the whiteness of your teeth. We only use tried and effective teeth whitening solutions.


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Smile Gallery is a place where successful and fast treatment is as important as patient’s sense of security and satisfaction. We put the highest quality of performed services above everything. The state-of-the-art technologies used by our specialists combine effective treatment with great aesthetic results.

Smile Gallery – Cracow dentistry cares for the comfort of its patients as much as it cares for professional treatment. We prove that a visit at the dentist’s can be a comfortable, completely painless and positive experience. That’s because our dental clinic’s philosophy is to care both for patient’s health and comfort! We do not separate these two matters.

We stand out thanks to our unique approach to patient service. You will feel comfortable and secure after each treatment and our personnel will answer your needs. Our clinic offers access to doctors of all specialisations in order to meet the most complicated needs of our patients.

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