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Smile metamorphoses

Check out how at the Galeria Uśmiechu we make our patients' dreams of a beautiful and healthy smile come true!

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? With the help of our dentists, you can change that quickly and safely! Modern technology allows for discrete correction of any imperfections in the smile in a healthy and safe way for the patient.

Explore the range of services in Nowy Sącz

Our range of dental services includes:


Filling gaps in dentition with implants.

Cosmetic dentistry

Visual smile enhancement treatments.

Conservative dentistry

Treatment of caries and prevention of cavities.

Endodontic treatment

Rescue for severely infected teeth.

Dental surgery

Painless and comfortable extraction of permanent and primary teeth.


Restoration of theeth correct alignment and shape.


Correction of malocclusion and resulting problems.

Prevention and oral hygiene

We effectively maintain the health of your teeth.


X-ray diagnostics allows you to quickly and efficiently find the cause of problems.

Aesthetic medicine

Effective skin rejuvenation techniques.


Check out how at Galeria Uśmiechu we make our patients' dreams of a beautiful and healthy smile come true!

See the full offer

We offer comprehensive dental services ensuring a healthy smile.

Patient feedback

The best recommendation is patient feedback. See what others are saying about us!

Sylwia Paluch
Google reviews
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I highly recommend the Galeria Uśmiechu, I have used various services from this facility and feel the professionalism and higher quality of service than previous dentists and orthodontists I have been to.
Google reviews
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My husband and I have used the Galeria Uśmiechu services for maybe two years. Of course, the clinic offers full professionalism, which costs a lot of money. We once had a situation with my husband where he made an appointment for 3 hours plus a deposit paid for 3 hours and left the facility after an hour with unfinished teeth. Other than that, very friendly staff at reception.
Hubert Bosak
Google reviews
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Nice. Pretty. Super for children. one lady entertains the toddler and the other treats the teeth. Finally, a toy at the end, and the kid was sold. I go here with my four-year-old and he doesn't make a problem to come back for his next appointment. Plus, there's a micro play area, so if you're early it's not a problem. There is a ticket parking by the building. 1.5h free of charge and always free spots If you have forgotten to brush your teeth it's ok, there is a supply of toothbrushes along with toothpaste in the bathroom.
Edyta Linkiewicz
Google reviews
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Complete professionalism with an almost family - like atmosphere. I recommend it. With any 'breakdown' I have always received immediate assistance.
Robert Koscielski
Google reviews
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If I had more wisdom teeth to pull, I would definitely return to the Galeria Uśmiechu. Dr. Emil is an extremely professional surgeon. He explained everything before the procedure and the procedure itself went smoothly despite the tooth being difficult to extract. Prices higher than the competition but for a painless and pleasant treatment I was up for it. City centre, free parking for the visit duration, dental image equipment on site.
Agata Jagiełka
Google reviews
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I had a full hygienisatoin treatment at the Galeria Uśmiechu, which was performed by Ms Joanna Maj -Gospodarczyk. Ms Joanna performed the procedure very thoroughly and, above all, painlessly. I give the high standard of the service provided and the equipment in the practice a 5. It will be a pleasure to return to this place.

Galeria Uśmiechu – why choose us?

If you are looking for a friendly place and professionals for whom the best interest of the patient is the most important thing, you've come to the right place. Galeria Uśmiechu is your dental centre! Take a look at why you should trust us.

A team of dedicated specialists

The Galeria Uśmiechu is a place where qualified professionals work. High skills, commitment, empathy and a smile set our healthy teeth experts apart. With them you will feel confident and safe!

Care for the whole family

We have created a place where whole families are cared for. You can bring your children and parents to us, as we also welcome the youngest and seniors. We offer professional support for patients of all ages and needs. Our staff are there to support and advise your whole family.

Modern equipment, latest technology

To ensure that you feel safe and that the proposed treatment is truly effective, we work with state-of-the-art equipment. Our facilities are well equipped so that we can quickly make the correct diagnosis and move on to combating the problem.

For our patients

Convenient location

Our clinic is located a short distance from the Nowy Sącz centre, with convenient access from all over the city.

Parking lot

For motorised clients there is a public car park in front of the clinic.

Comfort and convenience

While you wait for your appointment, we invite you to sit on comfortable sofas, we provide refreshments: coffee, tea, sparkling water. You can read newspapers or use the free wi-fi network. Screens have been installed above the chairs at our offices.


There is a kids zone for the youngest patients, where they can watch cartoons, read books or play with teddy bears before their treatment. There is a separate office for children.