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Analgosedation - a dreamlike visit

Many people associate a visit to the dentist with a sense of fear, uncertainty and discomfort. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to look like this today. Modern treatment methods mean that anyone can receive treatment without fear. In our offices, we use analgosedation, a type of anesthesia, thanks to which you will not even notice that the procedure has been carried out! Do you want a healthy and beautiful smile? Do you want to go through treatment without fear and anxiety? With us it is possible – for your comfort we carry out the treatment without pain and unnecessary anxiety!

Team of experienced surgeons and prosthodontists

We know how important professionalism, knowledge and skills are. Our team consists of people with extensive experience and an excellent approach to the patient. You can put yourself in the hands of professionals without fear!

The most modern 3D testing equipment on the market

To do the best possible job, we use the most modern equipment available on the market. We examine, control and our patients can feel confident and safe. Expert knowledge is supported by the capabilities provided by top-of-the-range equipment.

Possible installment payment - MediRaty

We know that the issue of finances is important to you, which is why we offer you the option to pay in instalments. This is a convenience for all patients who want beautiful and healthy teeth. You don't have to forgo the treatment, you can pay for the service using low instalments!

What is Analgosedation

Analgosedation is a type of anesthesia that combines sedatives and hypnotics with analgesics. After intravenous administration, the patient experiences no pain. During this time, the dentist can perform the procedure without worrying about patient’s comfort and well-being. This method makes it possible to carry out the procedure even for several hours. During the treatment, an anesthesiologist is present to control the patient’s condition.
Analgosedation is a solution for all those who feel panicky before visiting the dentist and cannot imagine a longer procedure. It is a safe method that guarantees comfort for the patient and the doctor.

Why Is It Worth It

Analgosedation is a great way to carry out a procedure that lasts even a few hours in a painless and comfortable way!

Patient's comfort and safety

Analgosedation makes it possible to perform a long and complicated procedure, while the patient is in a state of limited consciousness - he does not feel pain, fear, is relaxed, and after waking up he, or she, does not remember the course of the procedure.

A way out of dentophobia

Analgosedation is a solution for patients who are panic-stricken about visiting the dentist or have a strong gag reflex. From now on, a dental procedure will no longer have a bad association and dental treatment will not leave unpleasant memories.

Minimum preparations

The analgosedation procedure does not require special preparations. If the doctor qualifies the patient for the procedure (analysis of the patient's health history, possible tests, interview with the patient), he only has to remember not to eat 6 hours before the procedure, and stop drinking 4 hours before.

Only good memories

Medical control during the procedure, no pain, no unpleasant sensations, i.e. safety and comfort! Analgosedation is dental treatment you won't remember! From now on, you don't have to dread office visits and delay scheduling an appointment.

Our anaesthesiologists

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Wojciech Pachacz

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Specialist

Price list

Analgosedation - first 120 minutes1,800 PLN
Analgosedation - every 60 minutes thereafter800 PLN

Enjoy the smile of your dreams!

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We treat in your sleep

You sleep while we do all the work.

The procedure performed under anesthesia is an offer addressed to everyone who is afraid of visiting our offices. Are you facing a long procedure? Do you want to regain a healthy and beautiful smile? Do you have unpleasant associations and unpleasant memories associated with dental treatment? Don’t delay, schedule an appointment with our specialists! We’ll tell you how we perform treatment in your sleep! You will never experience the fear of visiting the dentist again!