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Take effective care of your dental health

Dental prophylaxis is a set of simple, non-invasive treatments within the oral cavity that help maintain the health and aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums. It is recommended to perform them in both children and adults.

Why is it worth it?

Prevention and hygiene provide many benefits for the patient.

Increased resistance of teeth

Thanks to prevention, possible defects will be noticed and treated sooner. The treatments also provide reassurance about the elimination of bacteria and increase the tooth's resistance to decay.

It improves smile aesthetic

You can get rid of unsightly discolourations, deposits and tartar, as well as smooth the surface of your teeth and whiten them.

Gum protection

Treatments such as scaling prevent the gums from receding and also exposing the necks of the teeth, protecting against tooth loss.

Take care of your oral health at the Smile Gallery

Visit us for a check-up and we will check the condition of your teeth and gums.

You will find out if and what treatments you need to keep them healthy. All services in the field of prophylaxis and hygienization are performed by experienced and qualified staff – certified dental hygienists. They will provide you with a comfortable, safe environment and ensure a friendly atmosphere throughout your visit.

See what services we provide:

Hygiene instruction

A set of recommendations including washing techniques and preparations selected individually for the patient's needs.

Tartar removal (scaling)

Mechanical removal of unsightly tartar that may hide caries.


Restore the aesthetics of teeth by removing stains and deposits.


Application of gel, foam or varnish with a high concentration of fluoride to strengthen teeth and protect them from decay.


This is the brightening of the color of the teeth - available both with the overlay method and in the office with the help of the Beyond lamp.

Our qualified dental hygienists

Elżbieta Nowak


Sylwia Czajkowska

Dental assistant

Magdalena Sarga

Dental assistant

Joanna Maj-Gospodarczyk


Ewelina Zembala

Dental assistant

Wioleta Szczepańska

Dental assistant

Price list

hygienization visit according to the GBT protocol (examination+sanding+scaling, polishing, fluoridation)450 PLN
fluoridation-varnishingfrom 250 PLN
tartar removalfrom 300 PLN
teeth whiteningfrom 1300 PLN

Do you want to enjoy the health and aesthetic appearance of your teeth and gums?

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