Dental surgery Kraków

Surgical treatment of the oral cavity and its surroundings

Prepares the patient for specialised treatment, and helps when other solutions are not sufficient. Dental surgery is a field of medicine dealing with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and adjacent areas. As part of this specialty, a whole range of procedures supporting other fields of dentistry is performed, e.g. endodontics (root tip resections), periodontology (periodontal surgery), prosthetics (pre-prosthetic surgery) and implantology.

How is the surgical treatment performed?

At the Smile Gallery Kraków, each treatment is preceded by 3 steps:

Detailed interview

All procedures in the field of dental surgery are preceded by a thorough interview of the doctor with the patient about the state of health, ailments and goals of treatment.

Dental examination

After the patient's history, the dentist carries out an oral examination to get a better understanding of the patient's problem and to check treatment possibilities.

Treatment plan

Based on the information gathered, the doctor develops a thorough treatment plan and discusses it in detail with the patient. This is a good time to ask questions and address concerns.

You are well looked after

At the Smile Gallery, we carefully plan and carry out the entire treatment process, and our priority is the health and safety of the patient.

That is why we use advanced digital diagnostics, which, thanks to modern 3D imaging technology, allows us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the jaw bone, mandible and all teeth and maxillary sinus, and thus precisely plan the procedure.

You will also receive precise post-operative recommendations from your doctor and an invitation for a follow-up appointment. We want to make sure that the healing process goes well and that you enjoy good oral health.

See what treatments we perform:

Implant placement

Tooth extraction

Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth

Open or closed curettage

(manual tartar removal from the gum pockets)

Undercutting the frenulum


(gum correction for further treatment)

Root apex resection

(removal of a tooth root fragment when it cannot be cleaned and filled during endodontic treatment)

Our doctors - Smile Gallery Kraków

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Jerzy Malczyk

Conservative dentistry
Oral surgery

Emil Sułek

Oral surgery
Endodontic microsurgery

Sergiusz Połuchtowicz-Hański

Oral Surgery

Robert Łyszczarz

Oral Surgery

Damian Niedzielski

Oral Surgery

Michał Tyrakowski

Oral Surgery

Price list

tooth extractionfrom 320 PLN
extraction of a retained toothfrom 520 PLN
implantsfrom 3,500 PLN

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