Pediatric dentistry Kraków

Stress-free dental treatment for children

Forget about difficult visits to the dentist for your little one. At the Smile Gallery, we will explore the new and friendly world of dentistry.

Our pediatric dentistry is a specially designed process of familiarizing young patients with the dentist and dental treatment. No stress, no fear and no pain. In a way that is appropriate to their age and past experiences. Our dentists can disenchant both previous bad experiences with dentists and cheerfully take care of children who are just starting their adventure in the chair.

Why do children love to get treatment at the Smile Gallery in Kraków?

We know some of the reasons

Adaptation visit

It is used to familiarize the child with the unknown through play: riding on the chair, manipulating the console buttons, and even playing the role of a dentist and putting a filling on the plush mascot.

Dentists with a calling

Our dentists know how to listen and speak so that children want to talk to and cooperate with them. They don't downplay their concerns, but surround them with care and understanding.

Brave Patient Award

We believe in the principle that heroism deserves recognition. This is why we reward children at every visit, thus creating good associations with the dentist.

Children's Friendly Centre

The way in which we introduce a child into the world of dentistry will determine his or her later approach to follow-up visits and treatment. That is why, at the Smile Gallery, we strive to meet this task properly, treating toddlers with a great deal of empathy.

We have earned the “Children’s Friendly Centre” title, thanks to our diligent efforts to create a place where dental treatment becomes an adventure for children! We are in favor of actively promoting the prevention of early childhood caries, which is why we support and take action in this area. With us, many small patients have already overcome their fear of visiting the dentist. See why it is worth taking your child to the dentist in time.

Caries prevention

Regular check-ups help prevent tooth decay in primary teeth, and thus its transmission to permanent teeth.

Control of occlusion and normal tooth development

The earlier abnormalities are detected, the easier it will be to correct them - especially in the tooth growth phase

Our unique pediatric dentists

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Joanna Blat-Nowak

Pediatric dentistry

Dominika Dziedzic

Paediatric dentistry
Aesthetic medicine

Sławomir Zaczyk

Conservative dentistry
Pediatric dentistry

Price list

adaptation child visit without treatment200 PLN (for new patients)
adaptation visit with treatment150 PLN + treatment cost
child check-up visit150 PLN (without treatment)
child check-up visit - with treatment 80 PLN + treatment cost
filling in a primary toothfrom 220 PLN
filling in a permanent toothfrom 320 PLN
extraction of a primary tooth200 PLN
fluoridation250 PLN
anaesthesia60 PLN
Wand computer anaesthesia90 PLN

Take care of your child's dental health

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