Technology at the Galeria Uśmiechu Kraków

or dentistry for the 21st century

At Galeria Uśmiechu, we combine qualifications, experience, empathy and the possibilities of new technologies to provide patients with the best dental care. In their daily work, our dentists use modern devices, thanks to which diagnostics and treatment are more effective and the effects more predictable. As a result, we provide a safe route to a beautiful smile.

Explore our technologies

X-ray apparatus - MYRAY RXDC eXTend

The MYRAY RXDC eXTend is the latest version of the high-frequency X-ray machine. Thanks to the high-efficiency generator, the most harmful low-energy radiation is almost completely eliminated. Radiological examination is the basic examination in dentistry that enables the correct diagnosis and planning of appropriate treatment.

Dental X-ray Kraków allows us to perform panoramic X-ray of teeth, which is the basis for review and control examinations. It is also used for the initial diagnosis of inflammatory changes in the maxillary sinuses. In turn, spot X-ray images are used during conservative treatment – fillings, as well as endodontic and surgical treatment. This versatile and safe device guarantees high-quality X-ray images and allows us to make infallible diagnostics.

KODAK RTG 2200 X-ray machine

X-ray apparatus for taking intraoral images with a high-frequency generator that eliminates soft radiation that is useless in diagnostics, which in turn reduces the radiation absorbed by the patient by 30%. Works directly with any digital radiography system.

KODAK RVG 5000 radiovisiography

Simple and friendly digital radiology allows you to obtain a digital x-ray image. Radiovisiography allows you to reduce the dose of X-rays in dental intraoral images by as much as 90%. In practice, instead of 1 intraoral photo taken on film, 4 to 5 digital photos can be taken using radiovisiography (RVG).

Vatech PAX-i 3D Green - digital pantomograph and CBCT tomograph

A modern dental tomograph with a reduced dose of radiation allows you to obtain advanced pantomographic, cephalometric and 3D tomography images in just a few seconds. We receive a precise visualisation of dental structures and pathologies, thanks to which we can plan treatments in detail and predict their effects.

We use the tomograph primarily in endodontic, orthodontic, implantological and surgical treatment. As a result, proper diagnosis becomes much easier and more precise, and at the same time saves the patient’s time and provides him with greater comfort.


We took great care in selecting the dental chairs. Here, too, we were guided by the comfort of our patients, the high quality of our equipment and the aesthetic qualities of our dental facilities.

Modern dental chairs UNIT STERN WEBER S200 and STERN WEBER S300 guarantee the best working conditions during treatment. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions in the field of adjusting the intensity of VENUS PLUS lamps, a control panel with a large LCD display of operating parameters and a two-joint arm of the assistant console with vertical adjustment, our qualified team works efficiently and effectively. A complete system of active and passive hygiene guarantees full safety of the doctor and the patient.

Our patients are provided with dental care by the best dentists in Kraków, who use the latest generation equipment.