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Your child's first visit to the dentist - how to do it right?

Are you worried that your child’s first visit to the dentist will be full of stress, fear and crying? It doesn’t have to be like that at all! Contrary to all beliefs, it can be completely comfortable for the child – provided that you prepare it properly. In this guide, we share proven tips to help parents gently introduce their little ones to the world of dental examinations.

The first check-up visit should take place between the age of 2 and 3, when the child is able to cooperate with the dentist: he or she understands and is able to follow instructions. It is worth visiting the dentist before the child’s 1 year of age to learn how to proceed during the teething period.


It is worth planning the first visit before any dental procedure is actually needed. Such control is very important because the dentist will check if all the teeth have developed properly, if the child has a good bite and if there are no beginnings of caries. The focus should be on effective prevention so that treatment is not necessary for as long as possible and the toddler himself can become accustomed to the surgery and the dentist during follow-up visits. This will ensure that in future the child will visit the dentist not only without fear, but even with a smile.

It is not the children, but their parents who are most nervous about their first visit to the dentist. Unfortunately, these emotions are transferred to the toddler, who, seeing mom or dad’s fear, becomes restless and tearful himself. Therefore, it is advisable to have a positive attitude towards the visit and also prepare your child positively for the visit before going into the facility.

At the Smile Gallery, we have a unique approach to young patients. In order for the first real visit to be comfortable and pleasant for the child, we recommend a 2-stage preparation of the child: at the beginning at home, and then in the office.

It is a good idea to foster positive associations with the dentist even before the child goes to the dentist. This is best done by playing patient and dentist at home – an environment in which the child feels comfortable, accompanied by their favourite toys. In this way, a visit to a real dentist will be treated as a continuation of the fun.

The child’s first visit is adaptive, so that the child can tame any possible fear of the unknown through play. Riding on the chair, manipulating the buttons of the control console, the opportunity to see how the tools work, and even playing the role of a dentist and filling the mascot – all this makes the child not only willing to cooperate, but also forget about fear and treat a visit to the dentist. dentist as an adventure.

How we introduce a toddler to the world of dentistry will determine his or her later approach to follow-up visits and treatment.

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