Periodontitis is just one of many issues that we deal with in our dental centre.

Each periodontist specializes in diseases of the periodontium and oral mucosa.

Periodontium consists of root cementum, gingiva, alveolar bone, periosteum, periodontium and periosteum. Their common task is to seat, immobilize and protect the tooth in the socket. The course of periodontal treatment depends on the patient’s health and diagnosis. Check out the treatments we provide in this area at Smile Gallery in Kraków!

Why is it worth it to take advantage of periodontal treatments at the Smile Gallery?

Bleeding from the gums, hypersensitivity of the teeth, a feeling of dryness in the mouth, an unpleasant smell from the mouth or moving teeth cause great discomfort.

Inflammation within the periodontium or other areas of the oral cavity can bring serious complications. The principle “prevention is better than treatment!” has a lot to do with periodontics. Most of the diseases that this field deals with are due to poor oral hygiene. The dentists affiliated with the Smile Gallery, whose speciality is periodontology, are unparalleled experts in the prevention prevention.

Modern diagnostics

Our facility has top-of-the-range equipment and the equipment is operated by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Periodontists at the Smile Gallery can quickly consult with specialists from other disciplines to work together to develop an individual treatment plan that works best for the patient.

Comprehensive treatment

Diagnosis of the problem and symptomatic treatment is extremely important, but it is equally important to counteract the causes. Periodontal and oral symptoms may be caused by other diseases for which periodontal treatment is not enough. If it is necessary to use other methods, you will receive all information and adequate referral for tests in appropriate facilities.

Professional patient care

The Smile Gallery's priority is the welfare of all patients. We meticulously follow all procedures and ensure that safety is maintained. We use the highest quality medical instruments and materials during periodontal treatments.

Periodontology - indications for treatment. Don't delay in scheduling an appointment with your doctor!

Gingivitis and periodontitis most often result from insufficient oral hygiene. Susceptibility to periodontal diseases also depends on individual genetic conditions and anatomical defects. Depositing tartar is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to atrophy of the apparatus supporting the teeth. Periodontitis and other diseases of the periodontium and oral mucosa manifest themselves in a similar way.

See your periodontist immediately if you observe any of the following:

  • gum problems – bleeding, swelling, redness;
  • exposed tooth necks;
  • elongated tooth crowns;
  • bad breath;
  • increased sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • instability of the dentition – loosening, displacement, tooth loss.

Periodontal manifestations of other diseases and conditions

A visit to a periodontist in can be crucial for early recognition of serious health problems. Changes in the periodontium and oral mucosa may be the result of a decrease in the body’s immunity or the result of a disease.

Therefore, pay particular attention to:

  • changes within:
    • tongue;
    • the floor of the mouth;
    • cheeks;
  • lips;
  • intra-oral bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Periodontology - treatment. Periodontal treatments

Your first consultation with a periodontist will be aimed at making a precise diagnosis and preparing an optimal treatment plan. The initial part of therapy usually includes hygienic activities. The next stages are corrective and maintenance activities. Sometimes dental surgery treatments are also necessary.

Supragingival scaling

We carry out the tartar removal from the crown surface of the teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. Subsequent polishing and fluoridation of the tooth slows down the build-up of bacterial plaque on cleaned teeth.

Subgingival scaling

This type of scaling is the tartar removal from the subgingival parts of the teeth. We use both scalers and hand curettes to carry out this hygienization procedure. The periodontist also deals with smoothing the tooth root surface and fluoridation.

Open curettage

This is the best way to get rid of inflammation and stop the disease from progressing. It requires exposing the teeth roots by cutting through the gingival tissue. We perform the surgical procedure in patients with deepened periodontal pockets.

Photodynamic therapy

Specialists in the field of periodontology also perform safe procedures using red light. The photosensitizer binds to bacteria, fungi and viruses in the oral cavity, and after activation with the FotoSan lamp, it destroys harmful microorganisms. Photodynamic therapy is completely painless and has no side effects.

VECTOR system treatment

It is also worth mentioning about the non-invasive method of removing bacteria, tartar and deposits from the teeth and oral tissues. It also stimulates the formation of new, strong attachments between the gums and tooth roots. The procedure using the VECTOR system lasts 60-90 minutes, but the doctor should be visited after some time. After 4-6 weeks, the patient should undergo a follow-up examination. The next stages of treatment will be aimed at removing the effects of diseases, e.g. by surgical reconstruction of damaged periodontium.

Surgical crown lengthening

This is a method of treating teeth with a seriously damaged structure below the gum line. Patients who cannot undergo prosthetic reconstruction or an artificial crown are eligible for the procedure. Surgical lengthening of the natural tooth crown will allow for further prosthetic treatment and reduce the risk of gum damage.


Gingivectomy is the restoration of the natural, healthy appearance and shape of the overgrown gum.

Regenerative treatments

One of the tasks of periodontics is also the reconstruction of bone defects. In regenerative treatments, we use materials of the highest quality (e.g. Biooss, Emdogain), which eliminate deep pockets in the bone structure. Thanks to this, the stability of the teeth is improved and the risk of infection is reduced.

Recommendations post periodontal surgery

In order for periodontal treatment to bring lasting results, you must follow the instructions of our specialists. Take care of oral hygiene, use prescribed pharmacological agents, and sign up for regular check-ups and cleaning of teeth from plaque and tartar at our dental centre. If necessary, the periodontist will order laser therapy treatments.

Periodontology - the Smile Gallery team

Our dental centre employs specialists with experience and extensive knowledge in their field. Thanks to this, as well as modern equipment, the level of periodontology and services provided by the Smile Gallery is so high. Schedule an appointment to find out!

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Periodontal consultation200 PLN
Closed curettage 1 arc950 PLN

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