X-ray diagnostics Kraków

Certainty of the correct diagnosis

DX-ray diagnostics allows you to quickly and efficiently find the cause of dental problems.

X-ray diagnostics in dentistry is a non-invasive imaging test, which consists in taking digital diagnostic pictures of the patient’s mouth and craniofacial bones. It usually lasts a few minutes and is completely painless.

Why is it worth it?

X-ray is the basis for effective treatment.


Thanks to the X-ray, the doctor learns about the condition of the teeth and can effectively diagnose the source of the ailment and plan its treatment.


X-ray examinations are completely safe for almost everyone. In some situations, pregnant women may be an exception.


It only takes a few minutes to perform an X-ray. It is completely non-invasive and the patient doesn't need to prepare for it specifically.

World-class diagnostics

At Smile Gallery, we focus on the highest quality of treatment and patient comfort.

The basis for precise diagnostics is technologically advanced equipment, which is why we use a modern X-ray machine with a digital extraoral imaging system. Instant digital spot, three-dimensional and panoramic images have a reduced radiation dose compared to traditional X-ray for the sake of the patient’s health.

Tooth X-ray image

This is the most common type of an X-ray in dentistry. We make them in order to be able to see a given fragment of the dentition in detail.

Cephalometric image

Side image of the skull, most often used in diagnosing the problem and planning treatment in the field of orthodontics.

Panoramic dental X-ray

Comprehensive intraoral image of the entire dentition. It allows you to assess the condition of the teeth and the correctness of their location in relation to each other.

Dental tomography

Tomographic images are most often used in implantology, dental surgery and endodontics. They enable evaluation of the bone structures.

Our technicians

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Oliwia Szkudlarek

Radiology diagnostician

Adrianna Tańska

Radiology diagnostician

Price list

Computed tomography 1 arc300 PLN
Computed tomography 2 arcs380 PLN
Cephalometric image170 PLN
Panoramic X-ray140 PLN

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