About us

Modern dentistry for demanding patients

In the Smile Gallery, we restore the health and beauty of our patients’ smiles by providing comprehensive dental care.

Our armchairs are used by adults, seniors and children, and we treat everyone with care and in a manner tailored to their individual needs.

We prove that you can treat your teeth without stress and pain. Our dentists bring smiles to the faces of satisfied patients, captivating them with their empathetic approach. They provide comfort and efficiency at every level: from problem diagnosis to treatment to follow-up visits.

There are no dead-end situations at the Smile Gallery. We work as a team, allowing the knowledge, expertise and experience of different specialists to flow through, thereby ensuring you receive the best possible treatment results.

For us, your health and satisfaction are paramount.

Comprehensive care

in one place

At Galeria Uśmiechu, you are guaranteed professional treatment in all areas of dentistry:

from preventive and restorative dentistry, through orthodontics and endodontics to implantology or dental surgery. With us, you will always receive due attention and obtain reliable information. For our doctors, each person is a distinct story and experience, so you will be treated on a fully individual basis.

We have modern laboratories and an X-ray room

We have modern laboratories and an X-ray room with the ability to take instant digital point, three-dimensional and panoramic photos, the radiation dose of which, compared to traditional X-ray, is much lower. We also work with a trusted prosthetics laboratory.

Smile Gallery

Warranty and service guarantee

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Prevention rooms for patients

Smiles Gallery - here are your dentists

We know that trust is paramount when dealing with a dentist. Therefore, by choosing Smiles Gallery facilities, you are guaranteed that you will meet specialists here who will meet your expectations – they will not only take care of the health of your teeth, but also understand your fears and dispel doubts.

Knowledge, modern technologies and equipment are the basis of treatment. We add to this professionalism, sincere care for the patient, as well as attention to every detail of the visit. Thanks to this approach, we have enjoyed a long-standing reputation as one of the best dental practices in Kraków.

Behind the success of the Smile Gallery is its team

Years of dental practice have taught ushow important a sense of security in the patient is in treatment. That is why at Smiles Gallery we focus not only on professional treatments in all the most important fields of dentistry, but also on taking care of the comfort and well-being of both children and adults who come to visit our offices. This would not be possible without a committed, passionate and close-knit team. It is its members who create the atmosphere of the place, meeting the needs of patients.

At the Smile Gallery:

We care about patients' welfare

The whole team and in every situation. In 2020, during the pandemic, we were one of the few practices in the region that, thanks to the readiness of the team, continuously provided services to patients.

We care about our staff's work hygiene

The average working week at our centre is 37.5 hours, which translates into staff comfort and the quality of services provided. We are of the opinion that a rested doctor is a better doctor.

We provide high-class medical equipment

All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as intraoral scanners, CT scanners, CAD CAM milling systems.

We provide high-class medical equipment