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We correct malocclusion in terms of aesthetics and functionality

Orthodontic treatment allows you to regain an even smile and prevents dental and periodontal diseases. We help children and adults in preventing malocclusion and treat existing irregularities with the use of various types of appliances – individually adapted to the type of problem and the age of the patient.

Why is it worth it?

For dental health and everyday function comfort.

Smile and facial aesthetics

The arrangement of the teeth affects not only the appearance of the smile itself, but also the shape of the entire face. Orthodontic treatment can even out

Easier teeth cleaning

And minimizing the risk of caries and periodontal disease. Equal dentition allows you to remove plaque from the entire tooth surface while brushing your teeth, which ensures effective tooth decay prophylaxis.

Improving chewing quality

An even bite allows for the proper functioning of the chewing mechanism, which increases the comfort of eating meals and prevents diseases of the digestive tract.

The joy of a straight smile after just a few months

At the Smile Gallery, during the first visit, the orthodontist conducts a detailed examination of the bite and muscle function and takes impressions for plaster diagnostic models of the dentition.

In order to carry out a full analysis of the bite conditions, it is also necessary to perform X-ray examinations (pantomographic and cephalometric photos). After such precise diagnosis, the doctor assesses whether the defect can be corrected with braces and, if so, selects the right type.

At the Smile Gallery, we provide treatment with fixed and removable appliances and appliances in the form of transparent Invisalign overlays.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces consist of various types of fasteners (locks and rings), embedded with special adhesives permanently on the surface of the teeth. By applying constant pressure to the teeth, without interruption throughout the treatment, they allow precise results to be achieved. Depending on the patient's treatment and aesthetic needs, different types of orthodontic brackets are recommended:

  • cheaper, giving the opportunity to diversify the image by using coloured rubber bands to hold the arc;

ceramic, less visible (tooth-coloured).

Removable braces

Removable appliances are devices inserted into and removed from the mouth by the patient. Depending on the type of malocclusion being treated, we use their different modifications. They consist of an acrylic plate, wire elements or screws or springs that are the source of force acting on the teeth. Removable braces are designed for children and adolescents, and the most appropriate time to use them is during the growth period. Removable braces treatment duration and its effectiveness depends on the type of defect, the patient's age and the doctor's recommendations.

Invisalign clear braces

Overlay braces are an innovative method of treating malocclusion with the use of transparent, replaceable overlays (aligners) adjusted to the teeth of a particular patient. Compared to traditional orthodontic treatment, it provides greater comfort while maintaining excellent efficacy.

During the first consultation, you will find out which braces are best for you and you will see what your smile will look like after the treatment is completed. Using a 3D scanner and special software, we will simulate the entire treatment process virtually and present the expected end result.

We replace each aligner every 2 weeks, moving the teeth millimetre by millimetre into the correct spots. The overlays will start correcting your bite from the first day they are fitted, so that you can enjoy a perfect smile even after just a few months!

Transparent aligners are virtually invisible, and the lack of metal elements and custom-made make them really comfortable to wear. No one knows that you are undergoing treatment.

You can remove the aligners and put them back on yourself – you don’t have to change your eating habits, and dental hygiene is as simple as before the treatment.

Our orthodontists

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Magdalena Kowalczyk

Children’s orthodontics
Adult orthodontics

Karolina Martyniuk

Implant prosthetics

Maria Leśków

Children’s orthodontics
Adult orthodontics

Price list

orthodontic consultation230 PLN
fixed metal bracesfrom 3200 PLN
aesthetic fixed bracesfrom 4600 PLN
removable bracesfrom 950 PLN
Invisaglin overlaysfrom 6000 PLN

Enjoy a straight, healthy smile!

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