All on 4 Implants Kraków

Fixed prosthesis on 4 implants.

The best treatment method for patients with severely damaged teeth, severe missing teeth or complete toothlessness.

Tooth implants allow patients to regain confidence and a wide smile. With the All on 4 method, this is possible even when there has been severe damage and missing teeth. It can also be used successfully in people with complete edentulousness. Only this type of implant will make them quickly say goodbye to the traditional prosthesis. Instead, patients will gain customised permanent teeth that guarantee comfort beyond eating. All on 4 implants mean a whole new quality of life.

Team of experienced surgeons and prosthodontists

The Smile Gallery team is made up of experienced surgeons and prosthodontists. Thanks to their skills, the entire procedure runs smoothly and ends successfully. The patient gets a new smile and, above all, regains his or her former confidence and biting comfort.

The most modern 3D testing equipment on the market

At the Smile Gallery, we focus only on modern solutions. With next-generation 3D examination equipment, we can accurately visualise dental structures and pathologies. This provides an accurate treatment plan, which is important for the All on 4 method.

Possible installment payment - MediRaty

The All on 4 method saves money. However, we realise that it is not always possible to make a one-time payment for the service provided. Those who are concerned about the cost of the procedure can therefore spread the payment over convenient instalments - MediRaty.


See our patients metamorphoses

All-on-4 in the upper arch


Mrs Katarzyna had an all-on-4 procedure in the upper arch. The patient had four implants on which a fixed prosthesis was placed in one day. The patient left the practice the same day enjoying her new smile. The implant procedure was performed by Dr. Michal Tyrakowski, while the author of the prosthetic part is Dr. Konrad Mordarski.

All-on-4 in the upper arch and All-on-6 in the lower arch


In Mr Sebastian’s case, an all-on-4 procedure was performed in the upper arch and an all-on-6 in the lower arch. Permanent dentures were placed on the implants, allowing Mr Sebastian to enjoy a beautiful new smile. Mr Sebastian’s implant procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Łyszczarz, Dr. Konrad Mordarski is responsible for the prosthetic part.

What is the All on 4 method

Reconstruction of missing teeth using the All on 4 method involves the placement of four implants in the dental arch. On the same day, the prosthesis is placed on them, which is a huge time-saver. A major advantage of this solution is that in most cases there is no need to perform additional, costly bone regeneration procedures. The smaller number of implants used and their precise placement works well even in more complex cases. The All on 4 method means no more lengthy, painful treatment. It allows you to regain full functionality of your teeth in one day!

Why Is It Worth It

The All on 4 method works well even with large gaps in dentition and allows you to regain a beautiful smile.

Rapid effects

Implant placement and denture placement are done in one visit, so the patient leaves immediately with a beautiful, full smile.

The treatment is painless

Treatments are always carried out under local anaesthesia, in addition to which the patient has the option of analgosedation (anaesthesia) - they already wake up with new teeth.

Attractive price

Traditional implant treatment often requires costly bone reconstruction and several visits - a one-off procedure reduces these expenses.

Our dentists

At Smile Gallery, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Tomasz Rozwadowski

Digital Smile Design Specialist

Konrad Mordarski

Cosmetic dentistry

Price list

A new smile with the All-on-4® method28,000 PLN

Enjoy the smile of your dreams!

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A smile in a day - the All on 4 method

The innovative All on 4 method is the perfect solution for patients with large cavities or complete toothlessness. The effect, which is a natural smile, can be seen on the same day.

No one is as good at restoring comfort to everyday life as the experts at the Smile Gallery. Our implantology team is made up of outstanding specialists in their field who are constantly improving their skills. They benefit from the best training in Poland and abroad. This allows us to offer new treatments to patients. At the Smile Gallery, you can rest assured that you are in good hands – we take an individual approach to each case.